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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  December 5, 2015 10:00pm-10:29pm CST

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another weekend, another homicide. this one coming on des moines' east side... good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm jodi whitworth. it happened early this morning inside a home at 20 - 20 east 14 - th street. this brings the city's total homicide count to twenty -- so far this year. channel 13's reid chandler is following this story. reid -- police say there is an increase in crime not only in des moines but in major cities too? jodi it's been 19 years since des moines has had an annual homicide rate this high. but police told us it's not something in the water...crime rates are up all over. 16:43:13 "well i've lived in this neighborhood my whole life - this stuff never happens." - chuck pemberton - neighbor chuck pemberton knows this part of des moines like the back of his hand. "i mean, the worst thing we deal with is like someone getting a speeding ticket going down 14th." - chuck pemberton - neighbor
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early morning hours saturday to bright, flashing lights right across from his doorstep. 16:42:44 "all the sudden there's, you know, cop car, cop car, cop car. and there's lights just everywhere, you know...but they had like three or four cop cars right here, and then going all the way down the block on all we counted like 14 units out there." - chuck pemberton - neighbor a bright, flashing signal for the city's 20-th homicide this year. 15:18:30 "initially the thought this was a home invasion; detectives are still trying to determine if that's the case, or not." - sgt. joseph frentress - dmpd police are still sorting out the details...but say the intruder likely used a knife on the people inside. two of them transported to the hospital for minor injuries...but the criminal himself paying the ultimate price. 15:18:36 "he had an altercation with them, and due to that altercation, he died." - sgt. joseph frentress - dmpd 16:55:07 "now, with this being des moines' 20th homicide this year, a lot of people are asking, 'what's going on?' but police say this isn't specific to des moines - crimes are up across the board." - reid chandler - channel 13 news 15:20:26 "if you see nationally, i think the trends are that the homicide rates are going up. you know, kansas city's homicide rate is up, chicago's is up. i know from reading an article, minnesota,
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percent increase in major crime. so, i don't know if it's specifically a des moines issue, i think it's more of a national issue." - sgt. joseph frentress - dmpd sergeant frentress's claims are backed up by stats... a new york times analysis this year shows more than thirty u-s cities reporting increases in violence. for this crime, police say history suggests the intruder had a connection to the people inside. 15:19:35 "i'd say a majority of the time they're not a random act. there is some connection between the parties involved, whether they know them, or their friends know them, or there's some reason that draws a person to a certain location." - sgt. joseph frentress - dmpd and for neighbors, the ultimate justice re was served. 16::11 nfortunately, this i the east side; you come intomody's house, you kind ofserve what you get." chuck mberton - neighbor shaken, but stirres sayng qurn oeupd qto 14t ten't ehsome reason that draws a rson a certain location." - sgt. sh frentress - pd and r neighbors, the ultimate justice here was serve:44:11 "unfortunately, this isill the east side; y mto somebody's house, you kind deserve what you get."huck mberton - ighboshaken, but not stirred...residents y they're hoping for a ickturn to t usual peace and i along east14-th.letill haven't named the intruder, jodi. they're conducting an autopsy onsody right now, and an entity will berevealed in the coming days. several republican presidential candidates all gathered at one spot in eae iowa tonight... at the rising tide summitt.. presidential candidates ben carson, ted cruz, carly fiorina, bby ndal, rick storum, and rand ul attended the event in cedar pids. it was hosted byngreesman rod um and freedom - work. those the auee were able ask candidates about thrsition on economic issues.
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daveort this afternoon. trump spoke to hundreds of people for about an hour... uching on his ans totngthen the militaryd impvt economy.he also continued to make jabs on his democratic and republican rivals "everybody that's attacked me has tanked. wouldn't it be great if i were the head of the country and everybody that wants to harm us keeps tanking? that's what's going to happen." since mid - november national polls have shown trump with a sizable lead over doctor ben carson and the rest of the republican field. 50's in december... it has a nice ring to it. and it looks to stay that way... at least for now. meteorologist brett mcintyre joins us now for a look at the forecast the red kettles are iconic this
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it's all a part the salvation army's efforts to make sure children have toys and warm coats this holiday season the organization is partnering with local wal - marts. the "fill the truck toy" drive was hosted the ankeny and windsor heights locations today. donations help the salvation army
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and financial assistance to families in need. organizers say it literally takes an army to pull off a toy drive like this.. :08:13:21-:08:28:09 jim beardsley salvation army "the toys will go to the salvation army we will then sort them by age group and we are preparing right now a toy shop where we will give out toys on the 20th of the month." the collection is expected to provide gifts to more than 3-thousand children. an eastern iowa community is helping spread warmth this holiday season. people in dyersville are making 2 - hundred blankets to give to children who are sick, have experienced trauma or loss. they are linked with the children through an organization called "project linus" this the fourth year the community has been involved with the project "it's actually really fun, but then i feel kind of sad because of all the kids that are sick so that's why we made these." project linus has donated more than 5-million handmade blankets to children in hospitals and
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it's the biggest game in hawkeye history.... playing for big ten championship title. coming up... not only was it nerve wrecking for fans.... but imagine the pressure of the players parents. plus the latest score and highlights from indianapolis later in sports. to say hawkeye game against
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on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer. that would be an understatement. fans have waited a long time for a dream season like this... a lot of fans are putting pressure on the players.... but those really feeling the heat... are the players mothers. channel 13's michael admire has more.. powerball no one expected iowa to be
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a historic season has the hawkeyes 3 wins away from a national title. first things first, a big 10 championship. michigan state standing in the way. number 4 vs number 5. a spot in the playoff on the line. not a good start. 45 seconds in. cj beathard to henry krieger coble, ball pops out. originally ruled down, but another look and thats a fumble. leads to a spartan field goal, 3-0 msu. iowa's defense answers. pressure on connor cook, bad throw,
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the outlaw josey jewell. that leads to a marshall koehn tied at 3 after 1. 2nd q, more from the foot of koehn. this time from 43 yards. iowa leads 6-3.. iowa defense swarming all night. cook pressured, taken down by 3 hawkeyes. still 6-3 just before half. beathard hits george kittle, ball bobbled and picked off by demetrious cox. another look, kittle drilled, ball loose and it lands on a spartan defender. 6-3 at the half. two 3rd q field goals by michael geiger give the spartans a 9-6 lead. 1st play of the 4th q.
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a missle to tevaun smith. gone!!! 85 yards. iowa back on top 13-9 uni in the fcs playoffs on the road at portland state... sec championship. alabama and florida. 2nd q. tide leading 2-0. not anymore. antonio calloway, on the punt return, finds a seam and he is gone. 85 yards!!! gators lead 7-2. but no worries for bama. derrick henry plows in from 2 yards out. the tide clinch a spot in the playoff 29-15 over florida.
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wichita state and florida state the hawkeye men home again today to take on the kangaroos. missouri kansas city visiting carver. 1st half. peter jok, his specialty, the 3. 10 for jok. iowa out to a 10-2 lead. more from deep. nicholas baer, the walk-on from bettendorf playing big minutes. career high 14 for baer. later inside. freshman ahmad wagner, dunk and 1. 9 for wagner. hawks roll 95-75. iowa home again monday night against western hawks roll 95-75. iowa home again monday night against western illinois. hawks home again monday against
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some bad news for the hawkeyes. junior dale jones will miss the rest of the season with a knee injury. jones suffered the injury earlier this week in practice. jones was averaging 6 points 3 rebounds off the bench. northern iowa on the road at richmond, taking on the spiders. early 1st. paul jesperson splash from downtown, tied at 3. more from behind the arc. matt bohannon, we know he can shoot it. 14 for bo. uni up 1. later inside to the pride of ankeny, ted friedman, 8 for friedman. but the spiders pull away and win 82-67., panthers fall to 5-2 drake men fall on the road at bowling green, 75-63. bulldogs now 4-3 on the year, return home wednesday against depaul thousands of people gathered
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thousand pound cake to be cut. cake is wheeled into the market on a a specially- made giant knife. it''s twelve feet long and contains butter. proceeds go to a a 235-year-old
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powerball no one expected iowa to be
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